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About Our Success Stories

We take immense pride in making a difference, one pet at a time. None of these would be possible without a team and village behind the scenes, whether fosters, donors, adopters, and those who first reached out to help. Please take a moment to read through some of our recent success stories!

Did you adopt from us or foster for us? Submit a story on your Hope Ranch pet below! We LOVE seeing Alumni updates!

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Lottie is from a property who had 18 other dogs. The 18 dogs all originated from 2 female puppies the owner had bought at the swap meet. A few years later, two mothers of two different litters were killed on the property by Rat poison and the Father of both was killed by the neighbors dogs. The surviving puppies were collected by us along with Lottie, who was the daughter of one of the deceased mothers past litters. Lottie had never been touched in 2 years of life and was considered feral. We placed her with Ashley who specializes in fearful dogs and she continued to blossom and thrive from day one. It didn’t take long at all for Lottie to win the heart of her new family, where she has become surrogate mama for rescued foster kittens!


Smokey was surrendered to us in December 2022. We want to give a HUGE shout out to Gunilla for stepping up to foster and help us save him. He weighed 70 lbs upon arrival. Now he weighs at his goal weight of a healthy, hearty 100 lbs (weight approved by vets). Smokey turned a complete 180 and is now available for adoption. Despite all he's been through, he is one of the sweetest dogs ever. There's nothing a bit of TLC and great vet care can't fix.

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